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A high school letter award jacket is the most prestigious award a high school athletic, scholar, or performing student can achieve. School athletes must work hard and be skilled enough to participate on the varsity team of any sport. They must accumulate sufficient credit or points to be awarded the varsity jacket. Student scholars must maintain a three point five grade point average during each term to be recognized for that term. Student performers have to make the representative group and participate in the function of their school. For example, students in drama must get their part in the play and perform it. Students in band also must be selected to play in the representative concert squad and perform, in order to be awarded the letterman jacket. This award is the best way for students to gain the recognition and attachment to the school that symbolizes their pride and achievements.

What represents a students pride and achievements more than a letter award jacket? The impact it has on the student personally while in high school may be low but the impact it has on peers, parents, and the student later in life is huge. When I received my jacket I thought is was another warm layer, however, the younger athletes (peers) who saw my achievements had something to look up to, thus motivating them to work and focus on their goals harder. Also, the parents who saw me in my jacket felt love in a way that influenced them to be thrilled for my progress and attitude in school and sports. The bottom line is that your achievements in high school stay with you forever and the letterman jacket represent those memories just as long. My father still has his 1966 football state champion letterman sweater, and there is nothing more positive than that.

Now, that you know why to visit Charlie’s Team Sports and purchase you letter award jacket, allow me to explain the ordering process. It is important for the student athlete, scholar, or performer to come into the store in order to customize size and appearance for desired jacket. We do offer gift cards and brochures for any gift idea, but we will not be able to complete the letter award jacket process without the students decisions made regarding all the available options. On average it takes thirty minutes to complete the ordering process. It is usually fun for the students to customize their jacket according to their styles of living and desires of appearance.

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